Capri Sun Juice

Capri Sun is produced in KSA by Spring Beverage Factory under license from Capri Sun AG in Switzerland since 1999. Capri Sun Juice is made from natural concentrates imported from Germany.

There are no artificial additives on colors or flavors in preparing juice and all the materials involved in production from natural sources. Preservatives were dispensed in the manufacture of Capri Sun Juice because of the method of filling it, as it is filled in hot temperature of 83 degrees Celsius.

The soft packaging in which the Juice is filled is a distinct packaging with important characteristics and consists of three layers and there is no sharp side that can harm the child, and these layers give the package:

  • Excellent ability to withstand loads and pressure on the package inside the school bag for children up to a weight of 75 kg, due to the shape and softness of the package
  • The ability of the packaging to keep the drink cold for long hours outside the refrigerator, due to the heat-insulating materials that are made of these layers and to the surface of the glossy packaging such as a mirror, which is able to reflect thermal radiation from the packaging

Many laboratory tests are carried out inside the factory to obtain the highest quality measure. And samples of each produced flavor are sent to a laboratory in Germany on a monthly basis to check the juice quality and its compliance with international conditions. Capri Sun juice is distributed worldwide in more than 98 countries

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