Nestle Waters Factory Co., Ltd. is a sister company of Al Manhal Water Factory – Riyadh.

To be able to cater to the varying needs of its legions of satisfied customers, Nestle Waters Factory Co., Ltd. produces high quality bottled drinking water in different sizes:

5          Gallon             (PC Refill bottle)

1.5       Liter                 (PET Disposible)

0.6       Liter                 (PET Disposible)

5          Liter                 (PET Disposible)

Nestle Waters Factory Co., Ltd. grab the market with its prodcuts under the name of Nestle Pure Life (NPL) the name synonymes to product quality and excellent customer service.

  • P.O. Box:500 –  Riyadh 11383 – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • +966-11-265-0000
  • +966-11-265-0934

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