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Middle East Molds

Middle East Molds & Plastic Factory (MEMPE)

Middle East Molds and Plastic Factory (MEMPE) is equipped with the most develop and modern machinery, back-up with highly sophisticated technology to design & manufacturing the needed molds to produce any plastic parts by Injection, Blowing, Stretch-Blow, Extrusion & Compression.
MEMPF’s success in the molds and plastic business is evident by the abundant orders coming from various private, commercial and industrial sectors. The company employees highly qualified and experienced personnel who are at ready disposal to provide prompt and professional services to all its customers.
Moreover, the company has the capability to satisfy every demand of each customer as the factory has been designed to produce a wide range of applications in the field of caps/closures as well as the bottles in different fields: bottles waters, pharmaceuticals, detergents, dairy, perfumes, food & industrial liquids. As MEMPF’s quality products gradually dominate the market place, there is no doubt it will sustain its growth pattern within the Saudi Arabian market and the surrounding counties.